Sponsor Options

Why would you want to sponsor an episode of the QB Power Hour?

  • Ability for sponsor to write an article we will permanently post on QBPOWEROUR.com (could be before or after)
  • Polling Question: "Are you interested in learning more about [sponsor]?" capture live leads from the live webinar
  • Guaranteed audience of 300 total people connected the live webinar for regularly scheduled episodes. Guarantee is 150 for non-regularly scheduled episodes.   Although our historical averages have far exceeded those minimums
  • E-mail blast to QB Power Hour list which is 9,000+ with link to recording and your website link.  Historical avg. open rate 29%
  • Posting of recording on YouTube Channel (10,000+ subscribers and 1.1mm lifetime views on this channel that is all about QuickBooks and Accounting)
  • Ability to Join our Facebook private group and interact with members that may have questions about the product and choose to continue the conversation in the group.  We can start a thread about the product if you would like, and participate as the rep of the product

All Sponsorships include

A little bit about QB Power Hour
QB Power Hour has close to 10,000 unique registrants over the years
Each Webinar is usually 1 hour and has an average of 400 attendees and is free to attend
Each Webinar is recorded and later posted on YouTube for future reviewing
Audio podcast mention before and after podcast
Typical Audience breakdown is Accounting professionals ranging from solo practitioners to members of large practices
Large active Facebook community - Currently over 7,000 members

Sponsoring a webinar (or multiple webinars) provides you with a unique opportunity to:
Demonstrate your solution to a captive audience of accounting professionals representing a large number of small business clients.
Provide a larger call to action such as a follow up webinar, affiliate or partner program, or newsletter.
We will email all prior attendees and advertise upcoming webinars on the facebook group.
Targeted polling questions and contact information of attendees during sponsored webinar to follow up.
Landing Page on qbpowerhour.com (we are currently renovating it) - Your sponsored webinar recording, your demo video, and resources and links to your website as we continue to drive traffic to it.
Invitation to the Facebook group to be able to address questions to the community about your solution.
Author a blog article to for QBpowerhour.com